Rhode Island Bank Hoard $1 Note

Rhode Island Bank Hoard $1 Note

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Buy $1 Rhode Island Bank Notes Online

These Rhode Island Bank Notes are truly unique and historically significant! Issued from 1854 to 1856, each note was hand-signed by a cashier and the President of the Bank of the Republic in Providence, Rhode Island. This $1 note featuring George Washington pre-dates the Civil War by five years and is from a hoard of bank notes discovered in the basement of the State House of Rhode Island after being tucked away for over 165 years! Rumor has it that a janitor discovered them tucked away while cleaning, and they were sold to a local coin shop.

The Republic Bank of Rhode Island was short-lived, as they over-printed large numbers of small denomination notes that circulated in Rhode Island and the surrounding states, leading the bank to fail within just a few years. Each $1 Bank Note will be shipped in a protective currency slip for safekeeping. This obsolete bank note is a fascinating piece of American numismatic history to have in your collection! Add this to your collection today, once these are gone we won't be able to get more of them...


  • Pre-Civil War era
  • Obsolete currency
  • Ships in protective slip


$1 Rhode Island Bank Notes For Sale

The Rhode Island Bank Hoard $1 Note is a fascinating and valuable piece of American financial history, perfect for any currency collector. Here’s why you should consider adding this unique note to your collection:

Historical Significance:
  • Pre-Civil War Era: The Rhode Island Bank Hoard $1 Note dates back to the mid-19th century, a time when banks issued their own currency. This period is known as the "Free Banking Era," which lasted from 1837 to 1866.
  • State-Specific: Issued by a local Rhode Island bank, these notes provide a glimpse into the state’s economic history and banking practices during a formative period in U.S. history.
Unique Features:
  • Distinctive Design: These notes often feature elaborate and intricate designs, with detailed vignettes, portraits, and elaborate borders that are works of art in their own right.
  • Historical Context: The notes reflect the economic conditions and challenges of the time, including the lack of a centralized national currency.
Condition and Authenticity:
  • Preservation: The Rhode Island Bank Hoard $1 Note has been carefully preserved, often found in higher grades due to being part of a hoard. This enhances its appeal and value.
  • Certified Authenticity: Purchasing a note that has been authenticated and graded by reputable currency grading services, such as PCGS or PMG, ensures its legitimacy and quality.
Display and Education:
  • Educational Value: Owning a piece of currency from the Free Banking Era provides an excellent educational tool for learning about early American banking practices, state economies, and the evolution of the U.S. monetary system.
  • Display Piece: The note’s intricate design and historical significance make it an ideal display piece for your collection or office, sparking conversations and admiration from fellow enthusiasts.
Perfect Addition to Your Collection:
  • Diversification: Adding a Rhode Island Bank Hoard $1 Note diversifies your collection, introducing an element of early American banking history that complements more modern pieces.
  • Historical Context: This note represents a unique period before the establishment of a national currency, offering a broader understanding of American financial history.

The Rhode Island Bank Hoard $1 Note is a relic from a pivotal time in American history. Its historical significance and unique design make it a valuable and fascinating addition to any currency collection. Don’t miss the opportunity to own this rare and beautiful piece of financial history. Act now to secure your Rhode Island Bank Hoard $1 Note and enrich your collection with a piece of America’s banking past.


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Rhode Island Bank Hoard FAQ Page

The Rhode Island Bank Hoard $1 Note is a currency note issued by a bank in Rhode Island during the Free Banking Era (1837-1866) in the United States. These notes were part of a hoard of uncirculated currency discovered in later years.

The Rhode Island Bank Hoard $1 Note is special because it provides a glimpse into the banking practices and currency design of the mid-19th century in Rhode Island. It is part of a hoard of uncirculated notes, making it relatively rare and well-preserved.

The exact history of the Rhode Island Bank Hoard $1 Note can vary, but generally, it was likely part of a hoard of currency that was stored and preserved rather than circulated. These hoards were often discovered intact many years later, providing collectors with well-preserved examples of historical currency.

The Rhode Island Bank Hoard $1 Note is considered relatively rare, especially in uncirculated or well-preserved condition. The fact that it was part of a hoard of uncirculated notes adds to its desirability among collectors.

The value of the Rhode Island Bank Hoard $1 Note can vary depending on factors such as its condition, rarity, and collector demand. Notes in uncirculated condition or with unique features may command higher prices among collectors.

You can buy a Rhode Island Bank Hoard $1 Note online from Bullion Shark at

The Free Banking Era in the United States, which lasted from 1837 to 1866, was a period when state-chartered banks were allowed to issue their own currency. This led to a wide variety of banknotes in circulation, each with its own design and value.

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