1976 $2 Federal Reserve Note Crisp-Choice Uncirculated - Declaration of Independence Note

1976 $2 Federal Reserve Note Crisp-Choice Uncirculated - Declaration of Independence Note

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Buy 1976 $2 Federal Reserve Notes Online

It's time to collect a crisp, green piece of history! Back in 1976, the whole nation was buzzing as America's bicentennial was quickly approaching! To celebrate, the Federal Government approved and released a brand new type of note through the Bureau of Engraving and Printing: a $2 denomination bill showcasing the most important event in American history, John Trumbull's famous portrait of the signing of the Declaration of Independence! With one of the most intricate designs on bills and a fun denomination, this is a fantastic piece to keep in your collection. Each bill will arrive in crispuncirculated condition with a protective slip for safekeeping. Bring a wonderful piece of American history to your collection for cheap today!


  • Uncirculated Condition
  • First Year of Issue
  • Ships in protective sleeve


The 1976 $2 bill was issued to commemorate the United States Bicentennial. It features a new back design depicting the signing of the Declaration of Independence, replacing the Monticello that was traditionally used.

The $2 bill was reintroduced to celebrate the 200th anniversary of American independence and to promote the use of the $2 denomination, which had been infrequently used in the past.

Yes, the 1976 $2 Federal Reserve Note is still legal tender and can be used for purchases, though they are more commonly kept as collectibles now.

Most 1976 $2 bills are worth their face value of $2 if circulated. Uncirculated bills, especially those in pristine condition and with sequential serial numbers, can be worth more to collectors.

Collectors often look for bills that are uncirculated, have low serial numbers, star notes (replacement notes indicated by a star in the serial number), or misprints and errors, which can increase their value.

Look for unusual features like low serial numbers, star notes, or printing errors. Bills from certain Federal Reserve Banks might also be more valued depending on their rarity.

You can sell a 1976 $2 bill at currency dealers, coin shops, online auction sites, or currency collecting forums. Ensure to have it appraised first if you believe it's of significant value.

Approximately 590 million 1976 $2 bills were printed across all Federal Reserve districts, making them common but still a novelty for collectors.

To preserve the condition of your $2 bill, keep it in a currency sleeve or holder, away from direct light, moisture, and extreme temperatures. Handling should be minimized to avoid wear and tear.