1968-1972 Blue Box Proof Set Collection (5 Boxes)

1968-1972 Blue Box Proof Set Collection (5 Boxes)

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Buy 1968-1972 US Proof Set Collection Online!


Proof Sets are an excellent choice for starting your coin collection. For a great price you can get five U.S. Mint proof coin sets in pristine condition! Each set was minted at the San Francisco Mint and comes in the original mint packaging. Start your collection off with a homerun!

The U.S. proof sets are all minted for the demands of collectors, and have become vastly popular. Collectors are drawn to these sets for the special proof finish on the coins, and the limited mintage of them. These sets in particular all include a proof Kennedy Half Dollar, a coin that has become highly sought after. 

Proof coins are minted with specially polished dies and planchets unlike circulated coins. This process produces sharp details as well as a mirror- like shine on the coins. These coins all retain their pristine condition and are a great value. Buy your proof sets from Bullion Shark today!


Why Collect 1968-1972 US Proof Sets?


  1. All sets include a Proof Kennedy Half Dollar
  2. All coins display the “S” mintmark from the San Francisco Mint
  3. Includes 25 coins total, only a few dollars per coin!
  4. Sets include all regular issued coins from each year
  5. The coins are in pristine condition and come in their original Mint packaging
  6. Very limited number of these proof coins compared to their circulated counterparts


1968-1972 US Proof Set Coin Details:


Each set in this collection includes these proof coins. Although the coins included in these proof sets have compositions typical for their respective denominations during that era. 


Lincoln cent: 95% copper, 5% tin and zinc

Jefferson nickel: 75% copper, 25% nickel

Roosevelt dime: 91.67% copper, 8.33% nickel (until 1965), and then a copper-nickel clad composition after 1965

Washington quarter: 91.67% copper, 8.33% nickel (until 1964), and then a copper-nickel clad composition after 1964

Kennedy half dollar: 90% silver, 10% copper (until 1970), and then a copper-nickel clad composition after 1970


Packaging: The proof sets typically came in protective plastic cases or holders, sometimes with an informational card or certificate.

Special Finish: Just like earlier proof sets, those from 1968 to 1972 were struck with specially polished dies and planchets, resulting in coins with sharp detail and mirror-like surfaces.


Collectibility: These proof sets are sought after by collectors, particularly those interested in modern US coinage. Collectors often look for sets in excellent condition with original packaging intact.


Value: The value of these proof sets can vary based on factors such as condition, rarity, and demand among collectors. Sets in pristine condition with original packaging tend to command higher prices in the collector market.


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1968-1972 Blue Box Proof Set Collection (5 Boxes) FAQ

The 1968-1972 Blue Box Proof Set Collection is notable as all sets include a proof finish Kennedy Half Dollar, encapsulated in blue presentation boxes.

You can find the 1968-1972 Blue Box Proof Set Collection for sale online from Bullion Shark! Each set individually can be found from other reputable sellers and from private collectors, but here we have all sets at a great price to pick up today.

The 1968-1972 Blue Box Proof Set Collection typically includes proof versions of U.S. coins from various denominations, including pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, half dollars, and dollars, minted during the years 1968 to 1972.

Yes, if you purchase the 1968-1972 Blue Box Proof Set Collection from reputable sources, the coins are typically authentic proof coins produced by the U.S. Mint.

Proof sets contain coins that are specially struck using a higher quality minting process, resulting in sharper detail and a mirror-like finish. Regular coin sets typically contain coins intended for circulation and do not have the same level of detail or finish.

It's essential to store the 1968-1972 Blue Box Proof Set Collection in a way that protects the coins from damage, such as using coin holders, capsules, or albums designed for proof sets. Keeping the collection in a stable environment away from humidity, extreme temperatures, and direct sunlight can also help preserve its value.

Yes, you can sell individual coins from the 1968-1972 Blue Box Proof Set Collection if you choose to do so. However, breaking up the set may affect its overall value, especially if the set is considered rare or collectible as a whole.

Occasionally, there may be special editions or limited releases of US proof sets featuring unique packaging, additional coins, or exclusive designs. These editions can sometimes be more sought after by collectors.

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