The Collector's Proof Set Collection - All 4 Colors!

The Collector's Proof Set Collection - All 4 Colors!

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Buy The Collector’s Proof Set Collection Online!


This fun collection includes a variety of mint sets across all four packaging colors that have been released. Proof sets have become a favorite amongst coin collectors and there is a wide variety to choose from. Pick up this collection of classic American coinage and you are guaranteed to receive 21 stunning proof finish coins! Order this collection today from Bullion Shark!


 This selection of Proof Sets is sure to be a highlight in your collection, or an amazing gift for someone just starting out their coin collection. This collection includes 4 random date blue, black, purple, and green Proof sets from the US Mint. Each set includes a Lincoln Cent, Jefferson Nickel, Roosevelt Dime, Washington Quarter, and JFK Half Dollar. Each coin is a proof finish coin and in pristine condition. 


Proof coins are minted using special dies and a different process than circulation coins, and they end up having an extremely polished, mirror-like finish. These proof coins are much rarer than regular business strike coins due to the limited production of proof sets, which are minted solely for collectors.


Proof sets are one of the best ways to start a collection, and these are no exception. With this incredible deal you're getting each set for less than $13 and a wide variety of dates! This collection offers incredible value no matter what kind of collector you may be. Pick up this U.S. Proof Set collection today!


Why Collect The 4 Color Proof Set Collection?


  1. You will receive a total of four proof sets from a wide variety of years, each with different color packaging and no repeats.
  2. 21 proof coins total all in pristine condition.
  3. Each set is in its original U.S. Mint packaging.
  4. You will receive each set for an average of less than $13!
  5. Each coin is a special proof finish coin, and much rarer than coins minted for circulation.


Collector’s Proof Set Collection Coin Details:


  • 4 proof sets in total.
  • 21 pristine condition proof finish coins.
  • 4 different color OGP cases.
  • 4 random proof set dates, wide variety and no repeat dates.
  • 5 coins in each set, one proof example of each regular issue coin from the respective year.


History and Value: The history of US Proof Sets dates back to the early days of the United States Mint. Proof coins were initially struck as part of the minting process to ensure the quality and correctness of coin dies. These early proofs were often made as presentation pieces for government officials or as samples for foreign dignitaries.


Over time, US Proof Sets have become highly sought after by collectors due to their limited mintages, pristine condition, and historical significance. They provide a tangible connection to America's numismatic heritage and serve as valuable collectibles for numismatists and enthusiasts alike.


These sets typically contain proof versions of circulating coins for a particular year, showcasing the highest quality minting standards. Proof coins are specially minted with a polished die, giving them a mirror-like finish and sharp detail. They are often struck multiple times to ensure the highest level of detail. They usually come in protective packaging and may include a certificate of authenticity.


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The Collector's Proof Set Collection - All 4 Colors! FAQ

A US Proof Set is a collection of coins, typically including one example of each denomination issued for circulation, but in a special finish called "proof." Proof coins are struck using a special process, resulting in highly detailed designs and a mirror-like surface.

US Proof Sets are produced using a special minting process. Planchets (blank pieces of metal) are meticulously polished to remove imperfections, then struck with specially polished dies, creating highly detailed designs and a mirror-like finish.

US Proof Sets have been issued by the United States Mint since 1936. However, they were not produced every year initially. Regular production began in 1950, with proof sets being issued annually since then with some exceptions.

The value of a US Proof Set depends on various factors, including the year of issue, the condition of the coins, and the rarity of certain issues within the set. Generally, older and rarer sets tend to be more valuable.

US Proof Sets can be purchased online from Bullion Shark! Proof Sets can also be purchased from other reputable coin dealers, online marketplaces, and directly from the United States Mint.

The rarity of a US Proof Set depends on various factors, including the specific coins included and their condition. Some of the rarest sets include those with low mintages or coins with unique errors. The first proof set in 1936 is also one of the rarest and most expensive today Certain sets like the 1964 SMS were never released to the public and only a few of them were even made, but these are exceptions.

The number of coins in a US Proof Set varies depending on the denominations issued for circulation in a particular year. Typically, a set includes one example of each denomination, including cents, nickels, dimes, quarters, half dollars, and dollars.

Some US Proof Sets are rarer than others, depending on factors such as mintage numbers, demand from collectors, and the survival rate of sets in excellent condition. While some sets are relatively common, others are considered rare and highly sought after by collectors.

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