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The Franklin Half dollar is the predecessor to our current half dollar in the United States, the Kennedy Half Dollar. The Franklin Half Dollar was designed to commemorate and honor the memory of Ben Franklin, one of our founding fathers. The obverse depicts a right-facing portrait of Ben Franklin, which was designed by John Sinnock. The reverse shows the liberty bell, that was designed by Gilroy Roberts. This coin was minted from 1948-1963. Both proof and mint state versions were produced. The proof were made starting in 1950 and until 1963. Each Franklin Half Dollar was minted in 90% silver.

Franklin Half Dollar values vary from $10 to tens of thousands of dollars. Varieties such as full bell lines and cameo or deep cameo examples of Franklin Half Dollars are typically the ones that are worth the most. Only the highest quality franklin half dollars are worth big money.

The Franklin Half Dollar was first made in 1948 and continued interrupted until 1963. The coin was made to commemorate Ben Franklin, one of our most beloved founders. Ben Franklin played a huge role making our great country what it is today. His devotion to America really was as patriotic as they come. He was admired by many people, including Nellie Tayloe Ross. Nellie was governor of Wyoming and was the first woman to hold such a government position. Furthermore, Ross wanted to see Franklin’s face on a coin, and so she made sure he was featured on a Half Dollar, the Franklin Half Dollar.

In 1947, the chief engraver John Sinnock was assigned the duty of designing the coin, due to his untimely death he could not complete his design. Thereafter, a engraver named Gilroy Roberts completed the design. Then on April 19th, 1948 the Franklin Half Dollar was released! The Franklin Half Dollar design consists of a detailed side portrait of our founding father which ends at the shoulder, the word “Liberty” standing tall at the top of the coin, and the phrase “ In God we trust” surrounding Franklin at the bottom of the coin. On the reverse of the Franklin Half Dollar shows the shining Liberty Bell with enough detail to show the famous crack of the bell. Alongside the bell is a bald eagle. Around the bell lies multiple phrases including “United States Of America, E Pluribus Unum and Half Dollar”. The coin's series was minted from 1948 - 1963 and was produced at the Philadelphia, Denver and, San Francisco.

Each Franklin Half Dollar had a .50c denomination and was composed of 90% silver. Collectors love the Franklin Half Dollar because of its low mintages in comparison to the Kennedy Half Dollar and its high silver content. Half Dollars the came after the Franklin Half Dollar rarely had silver in them. The only years that did were the 1964 Kennedy Half Dollar which had 90% silver, the 1965-1970 Kennedy Half Dollars that had 40% silver, and thereafter most half dollars no longer had any silver.

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Franklin Half Dollar Coins FAQs

The Franklin half dollar was designed by John R. Sinnock, the Chief Engraver of the U.S. Mint at the time.

The Franklin half dollar contains 90% silver and 10% copper. Given its total weight of 12.5 grams, the silver content in a Franklin half dollar is:

0.90 (90% of the coin's weight) × 12.5 grams = 11.25 grams of silver.

In troy ounces (with approximately 31.1035 grams in a troy ounce):

11.25 grams ÷ 31.1035 grams/ozt = 0.3617 ozt of silver.

So, a Franklin half dollar contains approximately 0.3617 troy ounces of silver.

The Franklin half dollar contains 90% silver and 10% copper.
The Franklin half dollar was minted from 1948 to 1963.
The Franklin half dollar coins lowest mintage appears to be 1955, with a mintage of 2,876,381 from the Philadelphia Mint. This makes the 1955 Franklin half dollar the key date with the lowest mintage in the series.
After the Franklin half dollar, the Kennedy half dollar was minted. It was issued in honor of President John F. Kennedy, who was assassinated in 1963. The Kennedy half dollar began production in 1964 and is still being minted today.