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Franklin Half Dollars

The Franklin Half dollar is the predecessor to our current half dollar in the United States, the Kennedy Half Dollar. The Franklin Half Dollar was designed to commemorate and honor the memory of Ben Franklin, one of our founding fathers. The obverse depicts a right-facing portrait of Ben Franklin, which was designed by John Sinnock. The reverse shows the liberty bell, that was designed by Gilroy Roberts. This coin was minted from 1948-1963. Both proof and mint state versions were produced. The proof were made starting in 1950 and until 1963. Each Franklin Half Dollar was minted in 90% silver.

Franklin Half Dollar Value 

Franklin Half Dollar values vary from $10 to tens of thousands of dollars. Varieties such as full bell lines and cameo or deep cameo examples of Franklin Half Dollars are typically the ones that are worth the most. Only the highest quality franklin half dollars are worth big money.

Where to find Franklin Half Dollars

You can find Franklin half dollars either online or on the phone at Bullion Shark. We carry Franklin Half Dollar Rolls in mint state and proof condition, PCGS certified and NGC certified Franklin Half Dollars, and individual ungraded ones.


Franklin Half Dollars