1958 Franklin Half Dollar Choice Proof

1958 Franklin Half Dollar Choice Proof

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Buy 1958 Proof Franklin Half Dollars Online!


Enhance your collection with these beautiful 1958 Choice Proof Franklin Half Dollars! These 90% silver half dollars undergo a special minting process that gives them a stunning reflective finish which differentiates them from circulation coins. Proof coins have much smaller mintages than circulation coins which gives them great collectible value. Order these special 1958 Proof Franklin Half Dollars online from Bullion Shark!


The Franklin Half Dollar series was the first half dollar to include a portrait of a real historical figure, other half dollars had featured metaphorical figures signifying liberty. The Franklin series is one of the most popular series in American coinage, despite facing some controversy and a limited reign of only 15 years in circulation. Proof Franklins were only minted from 1950 to 1963, having an even shorter lifespan. 


These Proof Franklins are all in choice proof condition, meaning they are all guaranteed to be at least PR/PF63 quality or higher! These stunning proof coins are the perfect addition to any rare coin collection, and can be great gifts for collectors as well. With a low mintage of only 875,652 proof Franklins struck in 1958, these coins are highly sought after by collectors. Add these rare proof Franklins to your collection today!


Why Collect 1958 Proof Franklin Half Dollars?


  1. 90% silver coins. 
  2. Special proof finish.
  3. Low mintage of only 875,652 coins.
  4. Choice proof condition, at least PR/PF63 condition.
  5. Unique design elements set the Franklin series apart from other coins at the time.
  6. Limited 13-year production span. 


1958 Proof Franklin Half Dollar Coin Details:


Designer: John R. Sinnock/John Frederick Lewis

Edge: Reeded

Diameter: 30.00 millimeters

Weight: 12.50 grams

Mintage: 875,652

Mint: Philadelphia

Metal: 90% Silver, 10% Copper


History and Value: The Franklin half dollar, minted by the United States Mint from 1948 to 1963, showcases Benjamin Franklin's portrait on one side and the Liberty Bell on the other, both crafted by John R. Sinnock. Diverging from typical presidential motifs, it includes a miniature eagle alongside the Liberty Bell, setting it apart from contemporaneous coins.


Originally released to commemorate Franklin's bicentennial, its design, chosen via a competitive process, stirred controversy for its portrayal of Franklin. Despite initial objections, it has persisted as a treasured collectible, with its valuation influenced by factors like condition, rarity, and mint mark. While circulated versions may only command a slight premium over face value, uncirculated pieces or those possessing distinctive characteristics can fetch considerably higher prices. Certain years, notably 1955 and 1953-S, hold special appeal for collectors.


For an accurate appraisal of a specific Franklin half dollar's value, it's recommended to seek guidance from reputable coin dealers or reliable reference materials.

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1958 Franklin Half Dollar Choice Proof FAQ

A Proof Franklin Half Dollar is a special type of coin minted by the United States Mint specifically for collectors. It has a highly polished surface and sharp, detailed engravings.

Proof Franklin Half Dollars were minted from 1950 to 1963.

Proof Franklin Half Dollars can be purchased online from Bullion Shark! These coins can also be purchased from other reputable coin dealers, online auction sites, coin shows, and through private sales. It's important to ensure the authenticity and quality of the coin when making a purchase.

Proof Franklin Half Dollars are considered to be relatively rare, especially in high grades and with original packaging. However, their rarity depends on factors such as the year of minting and the condition of the coin.

The main differences between a Proof Franklin Half Dollar and a regular Franklin Half Dollar are in their finish and quality. Proof coins have a mirror-like surface and sharper details compared to the standard circulation strikes.

Proof Franklin Half Dollars can be identified by their highly polished surfaces and sharp details. They feature a more reflective finish that standard business strike coins. 

Some of the most valuable Proof Franklin Half Dollars include those with low mintages, coins in high grades, and special varieties or errors. Examples include the 1950 Proof Franklin Half Dollar, the 1953-S Proof Franklin Half Dollar, and the 1961 Proof Franklin Half Dollar.

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