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1950 Franklin Half Dollar Choice Proof

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Product Description

1950 Franklin Half Dollar Proof

Recover a potential piece of treasure with this 1950 Franklin half dollar proof. Proofs are the highest quality of any strike, highly polished, and preserved to maintain their condition. Franklin half dollars were minted from 1950 to 1963 and the 1950 Franklin half dollar proof is the first year in this series making it a special piece. It also has a 90% silver content.


The Franklin half dollar was minted after the Walking Liberty series and before the Kennedy half dollar came into circulation. The Director of the U.S. Mint admired Benjamin Franklin and wanted his likeness depicted on the coin, so she asked her chief engraver to draw up some designs. John R. Sinnock prepared these designs based on work by two other artists – Jean-Antoine Houdon and John Frederick Lewis. As Sinnock passed away before completing the half dollar design, his replacement Gilroy Roberts finished them.

Design specifics

The obverse side of the coin holds a portrait of Franklin's left side and the reverse is a depiction of the Liberty Bell and a small eagle to fulfill a statutory requirement for eagles to be included in all such pieces. There is a small crack in the bell and the words "In God we Trust" and "Liberty" are detailed above and below the founding father. Franklin half dollars were all struck twice to deeply impress the design and were produced at the Philadelphia mint. The coins are 30mm in size and have a reeded edge.

1950 Franklin half dollar proof value and mintage

Proof coins were often sold to collectors, so they were set aside and are still in excellent condition, which may impact its value. Its low mintage – 51,386 – also makes this coin valuable. Commonly a 1950 Franklin dollar yields hundreds of dollars. It has sold, however, for a record $23,000 in 2017.