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1923 Buffalo Nickel Circulated

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The Buffalo Nickel has long been one of the most sought after rare coin in existence. This 1923 Buffalo Nickel is no exception. A total of 35,715,000 coins were minted, however many of these coins can not be identified since their dates have been worn off. The date on the Buffalo Nickel is located on a high point of the obverse of the coin. This made it easy for circulation to rub the dates off the coins. This has resulted in millions of dateless Buffalo Nickels that trade for much less than a coin that has a full or partial date. 

The obverse of the Buffalo Nickel features a blend of 3 different Native American men. You can also find an "F" below the date, which is the initial of the designer, James Earle Fraser. The words "Five Cents," "United States of America," "E Pluribus Unum" can be found on the reverse. One can also see a Bison standing on a mound of earth on the back of this coin. There is no doubting that this has become of the most recognizable coins of all time. 

Each coin is in circulated condition, but features a legible date. This coin is perfect for filling that whole in your collection or as an addition to your type set. Each coin will ship in its own coin flip for safe storage and easy keeping. 1923 Buffalo Nickels that are this nice don't come around everyday. Shop one of the most vast inventories of Buffalo Nickels here at Bullion Shark.