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1916 Buffalo Nickel Circulated

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The Buffalo Nickel was first minted in 1913 and was made until 1938. Originally designed by James Earl Fraser, the Buffalo Nickel featured a Native American on the obverse of the coin and a standing bison on the reverse. The obverse Native American was thought to have been inspired by combining multiple different Native American tribal members while the reverse was inspired by "Black Diamond" which was a famous bison located in the New York Central Park Zoo.

The 1916 Buffalo Nickel had a total mintage of 63,498,066 coins and was minted at the Philadelphia mint. A 1916 D Buffalo Nickel and a 1916 S Buffalo Nickel were also minted. Although the 1916 Buffalo Nickels are not the most valuable buffalo nickels in the series, they are worth money. A nice circulated condition 1916 Buffalo Nickel can run anywhere from $10-$30 while a nice uncirculated condition coin can run $60-$100's. As with any coin, the buffalo nickel value can vary drastically depending on the year, mint mark, and quality of the piece.

Each Buffalo Nickel was composed of 75% copper and 25% nickel, had a weight of 5 grams, and a diameter of 21mm. Unlike many other coins made by the U.S. Mint, the Buffalo Nickel had a plain edge, not a reeded edge. Although some collectors believe that there is a silver buffalo nickel, this simply is not true. However, the U.S. Mint did eventually make a 2001 Silver Buffalo Coin which was a commemorative and was about the size of a silver dollar.