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1915 Buffalo Nickel Circulated

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This 1915 Buffalo Nickel was minted at the Philadelphia mint and had a total mintage of 20,987,270 coins. This Buffalo Nickel worth can vary from $10-$30 in circulated condition and upwards of $60 in uncirculated condition. Certified specimens will typically bring even a bigger premium over uncertified because the certification by NGC or PCGS brings more certainty to the actual grade of the coin. 

The Buffalo Nickel was originally minted in 1913 and was continuously minted until 1938. The original design of the coin was done by mint engraver James Fraser. The obverse of the coin featured a Native American, thought to be a combination of different tribes. The reverse of the coin featured a bison which was nick named "Black Diamond". It got its name from the famous bison that was located at the Central Park Zoo in New York.

Each Buffalo Nickel was composed of 75% copper and 25% nickel. Each coin had a diameter of 21mm, weighed 5 grams, and had a plain edge. The Buffalo Nickel was minted at three different mint locations which included the Philadelphia, Denver, and San Fransisco mints. Buffalo Nickels that carry a mint mark will have the mint mark located underneath the words "five cents" on the reverse of the coin. Often times the mint mark can be rather small and hard to see with the naked eye. Although the 1915 is not a rare buffalo nickel, it is very sought after among collectors.