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1917 Buffalo Nickel Circulated

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The 1917 Buffalo Nickel was struck at the Philadelphia mint and had a mintage of 51,424,029 coins. It is one of the higher mintage Buffalo Nickels in the series. The Buffalo Nickel value can vary drastically depending on the quality. A nice circulated condition 1917 Buffalo Nickel can range anywhere from $10-$30 while a uncirculated condition coin can be north of $70 per coin. The Buffalo Nickel value can vary drastically depending if it is a key date buffalo nickel or not.

The original design for the Buffalo Nickel was created by James Fraser and used on the 1913 Buffalo Nickel. The obverse of the coin featured a Native American that was inspired by multiple Native American tribes. The reverse of the coin featured a standing bison. The bison was inspired by "Black Diamond" which was a bison housed in the Central Park Zoo in New York City. Over the course of its 25 year history from 1913-1938, the Buffalo Nickel had small varieties, but no major design changes. 

Some of the key date coins in the Buffalo Nickel series are the 1937 D Three Legged Buffalo Nickel, 1921-S Buffalo Nickel, 1924-S Buffalo Nickel, and the 1926-S Buffalo Nickel to mention a few. Each of these Buffalo Nickels was composed of 75% copper and 25% nickel, had a diameter of 21mm, and weighed 5 grams. One common misconception is that there is a silver buffalo nickel, however there is not.