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1914 Buffalo Nickel Circulated

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The 1914 Buffalo Nickel had a mintage of 20,665,738 coins. It was struck at the Philadelphia mint and is easier to find than the 1914-S Buffalo Nickel or the 1914-D Buffalo Nickel. Respectively those two coins have mintages of 3,470,000 and 3,912,000 coins. The 1914 Buffalo Nickel marks the second year in which the Buffalo Nickel was minted. Its first year of issue was 1913 and was continuously minted until 1938. 

The Buffalo Nickel was originally designed by mint engraver James Earl Fraser. His inspiration for the obverse of the coin was a variety of different Native American tribe members. The inspiration for the reverse was a famous bison named "Black Diamond" that was located in New York's Central Park Zoo. The obverse of the Buffalo Nickel featured a Native American and the reverse featured a bison standing. 

In 1914 the Buffalo Nickel was minted at the Philadelphia, San Fransisco, and Denver mints. This coin was minted at Philadelphia and was the highest mintage amongst the three mint marks. Many collectors often ask how much is a buffalo nickel worth? A circulated specimen for the 1914 Buffalo Nickel will run anywhere from around $20-$50 depending on the quality. A uncirculated specimen $60-$100's depending on just how nice of a mint state coin it is. The Denver and San Fransisco minted Buffalo Nickels from 1914 are more expensive than the 1914 Philadelphia.