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Coin Sets FAQs

Building a coin set is not only enjoyable but is a fulfilling way to spend your time. Complete sets often are more valuable then partially completed sets.

The most popular sets are Wheat penny, buffalo nickel, silver eagles, morgan dollars, peace dollars and type sets.

Some collectors opt to buy one off pieces that they enjoy due to their beauty or rarity rather then build a complete set of a specific coin type. This can give more variety to a collection.

A coin set is a complete collection encompassing all known varieties (mint mark and year and finishes) of a particular coin.
US proof and mint sets are complete denomination sets (ms and proof are different finish types) that the us mint releases yearly for collectors, older ones are typically much more valuable.
Yes, a wheat penny set is a very popular set to build. Many are affordable while some early years are very rare and hard to find.
Yes, complete sets typically are more sought after then stand alone items. Collectors often like to build a set in a consistent quality.