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2013-W Burnished Silver Eagle NGC MS70

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Complete your collection with the 2013 Burnished Silver Eagle. These coins undergo a unique coining process, which sets them apart from the Proof Silver Eagle collection. Each silver blank is polished using steel balls and hand placed in the coining press. Once struck, the coin gets removed by hand and immediately sealed, resulting in a satin-like finish and luster distinctive of other Proof coins. Every Burnished Silver Eagle bears the "W" mintmark, showing its mintage at West Point. Since 2006, West Point Mint is typically the only location to strike Burnished Silver Eagles, one of the lowest mintage yearly Silver Eagle coins. However, in 2011 the San Fransisco mint struck one. Because there are only 221,981 coins, it makes the 2013 Burnished Silver Eagle an excellent collector's item, while its 99.9% pure silver content appeals to investors as well. Each coin yields a $1 US face value, backed by the US government.

The 2013 Burnished Silver Eagle coins boast patriotic design elements, including Adolph A. Weinman's Walking Liberty and the US heraldic eagle at the reverse. Walking Liberty depicts Liberty strolling towards the horizon, with her right arm outreached. She wears the American flag hung around her shoulders. The heraldic eagle shows an eagle in front of a shield, holding 13 arrows in its left talon. Alongside Liberty, the words "In God We Trust," while the reverse reads, "United States Of America 1 oz Fine Silver - One Dollar." This 2013 Burnished Silver Eagle has a perfect MS (mint state) 70 grade, meaning it has no post-production imperfections, even at 5x magnification. Mint State refers to coins struck in the same way as circulation issues. 

This American Silver Eagle marks the 6th annual issue, as there were no Burnished coins struck in 2009 or 2010. It weighs 31.1 grams and has a diameter of 40.6 mm. Each burnished release has a reeded edge and gorgeous luster set on a satin like background.