1921 Mercury Dime - Key Date

1921 Mercury Dime - Key Date

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The stunning Mercury Dime was minted from 1916-1945. The bust on the obverse depicts Lady Liberty wearing a winged Phyrgian cap. The designer Adolph A. Weinman used his friend Elsie Stevens as the model for Lady Liberty. This dime is known colloquially as the "Mercury" dime, because the winged cap on Lady Liberty evokes the Roman God Mercury.

This coin is popular with collectors because of Weinman's stunning design, but also because each coin was struck in 90% silver. This 1921 Mercury Dime is one of the three key dates in the series! Just 1,230,000 Mercury Dimes were minted, and only the 1916-D and 1921-D have lower mintages. The 1921 Mercury Dime is 170x rarer than the average 1940s Mercury Dime! The low mintage in 1921 is due to the recession at the time, and the U.S. Mint's prioritizing minting Silver Dollars that year. 

After 100 years, this low mintage rarity is hard to find. Over the years, there's no telling how many thousands have been lost to time through circulation and silver spikes! It took us a long time to gather enough of these 1921 Mercury Dimes to offer at this price, as we usually can only get in a couple at a time. Each 1921 Mercury Dime is in Good to Very Good (G-VG) quality. Don't miss out on adding this key date silver rarity to your collection while we still have them in stock!


  • G-VG condition
  • 90% Silver
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