The First Christian Empire Mini (C)

The First Christian Empire Mini (C)

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Rome is the birthplace of Christianity. The Christian religion began in Rome's eastern provinces. This is an authentic Imperial Roman bronze coin struck between AD 306 and 410. Coins like this circulated throughout the vast empire, which comprised most of Europe, northern Africa, and Asia Minor, and beyond. This coin was minted during the fourth or fifth century, when Rome was the world’s first Christian empire. Collect The First Christian Empire coins with Bullion Shark!


Why Collect These Rare Coins?

These coins are not just relics. They are symbols of a time when Rome, the cradle of Christianity, began to carry the new faith across its empire. To own one is to hold a piece of history, a link to when Christianity thrived under Roman rule. These coins traveled through Europe, northern Africa, and Asia Minor, marking the spread of a faith that would change the world. 

Roman coins for sale:

Historical Significance: These authentic bronze coins were struck between AD 306 and 410.

Authenticity: Each coin is a genuine piece of Roman history, minted during the fourth or fifth century and circulated throughout the empire.

Condition: Despite being nearly 2,000 years old, many of these coins have been preserved in remarkable condition, showcasing the intricate designs typical of Roman craftsmanship.

Cultural Impact: These coins are like holding a piece of the birth of Christianity.


Roman Coin of Constantine II Highlights:

  • Christianity's Dawn: Minted during the era when Christianity was becoming the dominant religion of the Roman Empire.
  • Imperial Roman Craftsmanship: Each coin features detailed designs that have survived the test of time, reflecting the artistry of the era.
  • Collectible Value: As rare artifacts from a significant historical period, these coins are highly sought after by collectors worldwide.


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Roman Coins FAQ

"The First Christian Empire" coins refer to the coins issued during the reign of Constantine the Great and his successors, who were instrumental in establishing Christianity as the dominant religion of the Roman Empire. These coins often feature Christian symbols and imagery, reflecting the transition from paganism to Christianity.

Constantine the Great was a Roman Emperor who ruled from AD 306 to 337. He is significant for being the first Roman emperor to convert to Christianity and for founding the city of Constantinople. His reign marked a turning point in the history of the Roman Empire, as he promoted religious tolerance and endorsed Christianity.

Common symbols on these coins include:

Chi-Rho: A christogram formed by superimposing the first two letters of "Christ" in Greek (Χ and Ρ).
Cross: Various forms of the Christian cross.
Labyrinths and Wreaths: Often incorporating Christian symbols.
Portraits of Constantine and his successors: Sometimes with Christian symbols in the background.

Coins from this period can be identified by:

Portraits of Constantine the Great or his successors.
Christian symbols such as the Chi-Rho, cross, or Christian inscriptions.
Mint marks and inscriptions referring to Constantine's reign and achievements.

These coins are historically significant as they represent the transition of the Roman Empire from paganism to Christianity. They are artifacts of Constantine's efforts to promote and consolidate Christianity, marking a pivotal moment in religious and world history.

The value of these coins varies based on factors such as condition, rarity, historical significance, and demand among collectors. Coins in excellent condition with clear Christian symbols can fetch higher prices, ranging from a few hundred to several thousand dollars.

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Notable types include:

Solidus: A high-value gold coin introduced by Constantine the Great.
Follis: A bronze coin often featuring Christian symbols.
Siliqua: A silver coin that sometimes depicts Christian imagery.

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