Boston Tea Party: Three-Coin Set (Album)

Boston Tea Party: Three-Coin Set (Album)

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The Boston Tea Party, which was more a protest than a party, was one of the most iconic events to spur on the American Revolution. In 1773, Patriots dressed as Mohawk boarded East India Company vessels and threw all the cargo they could find into the harbor, destroying a fortune's worth of tea. This act of protest was in response to the British Crown imposing heavy taxes on the tea sent to the colonies by the East India Company - which had exclusive rights for tea importing. Those in the colonies were furious at this frivolous tax, especially because they had no representation in Parliament to contest the decision. The outrageous display of defiance towards the Crown helped accelerate colonial support for the American Revolution that would happen only a few years later. This album consists of three coins that were in circulation when the name "Boston Tea Party" was coined by author George R. T. Hewes in 1834: a Dutch East Indies half stuyver from Batavia, a British half penny with the bust of George III, and an East India Company ten cash coin. Add this relic of colonial American history to your collection today!


  • 3 coin collection
  • Story card and album
  • Colonial history
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