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The New Lowest Mintage Silver Eagle!

Posted by Nick-President of Bullion Shark on

Yes you read that right, there now is a new lowest mintage burnished silver eagle. 2018 ended up being a very low mintage year across the board for all the silver eagle issues, however the 2018 burnished silver eagle took the cake with a mintage barley over 130,000 coins. That not only puts the 2018 at the lowest mintage west point minted burnished silver eagle ever, but actually among the top 5 lowest mintage silver eagles of all time. This even takes into account coins such as the 1995-W Proof Silver Eagle which only had a mintage of 30,125. One must start to wonder if the U.S. Mint will even continue to make the burnished silver eagles if mintages continue to be so low. My personal view is that the last couple of years will be referred to as "the best opportunity" of the silver eagle series. I believe the mintage levels will begin to increase once again as global demand for silver increases, silver prices increase, and the stock market pulls back. This in turn will attract more people to silver and naturally peak more people's interest in the world's most popular silver coin of all time, the silver eagle.