90% Silver Washington Quarter Choice Brilliant Uncirculated - Roll of 40

90% Silver Washington Quarter Choice Brilliant Uncirculated - Roll of 40

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Enhance your collection with a roll filled to the brim with (40) stunning silver Washington Quarters. Each and every quarter in this roll is made of 90% pure silver and are in Choice Brilliant Uncirculated condition, so they will grade between MS63-MS65. These coveted coins are full of numismatic and silver value. The Redbook values a MS65 at $10 per coin. We are offering these for much less than their Redbook value! Each roll contains 7.15 oz of pure silver. This is a great way to stack small denomination silver pieces that are easily divisible, while also collecting a ton of stunning vintage coins. Don't miss out on this deal!


  • Roll of 40 coins
  • 90% silver content
  • Amazing value

90% Silver Washington Quarter GEM Brilliant Uncirculated - Roll of 40

This roll of Washington Quarters contains forty coins in fantastic uncirculated condition. All coins are made from 90% pure silver and 10% copper. They are in Choice Uncirculated condition and graded between MS63 and MS65 from a selection of years. 

George Washington quarter history

In 1931 a competition was launched to design a coin to commemorate the 200th anniversary of George Washington’s birth. The coin's obverse had to feature Washington's image, and each of the 100 contestants came up with a design for the reverse of the coin. 

Most of the coin designs received were considered to be amateurish. Some were good, and one stood out as being a clear winner in the Commission’s opinion. The coin's design was by John Flanagan and featured a golden eagle on the reverse. 

The eagle is sitting on a branch with wings outstretched. The words ‘United States of America’ is featured at the top of the coin and ‘Quarter Dollar’ at the bottom. The coin's obverse has the head of George Washington and the motto ‘In God we Trust,’ as well as the word ‘LIBERTY’ and the year the coin was minted.  

Washington quarter value 

Silver Washington Quarters are valued at $15 a coin in MS63 condition and $20 in MS65. Most circulated coins from 1936 to 1964 are valued at between $5 and $10, depending on the grade. There are some exceptions, including the Washington quarter key dates such as the 1950 S/D, where the S mintmark has been stamped over the D mintmark. These coins are worth $150. Similarly, 1950 D/S coins are valued at $135. The 1937 Double Die is likely to sell for about $100. 

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