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2006-W Burnished Silver Eagle NGC MS70

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2006 Burnished Silver Eagle

Beginning in 2006, the United States Mint added a new collectible American silver eagle coin, the 2006 burnished silver eagle. These 2006 burnished silver eagle coins are hand-loaded into a coining press and struck on blanks that are run through a tumbler first. The tumbler creates a rough surface allowing a bright luster and handsome-looking coin. Burnishing also creates a soft surface and brings out more detail compared to regular minting.

Most all burnished silver eagles are minted at the West Point Mint except for the 2011 burnished uncirculated American silver eagle. West Point Mint coins display the "W" mintmark. While numismatic organizations refer to these coins as burnished, the U.S. Mint terms them as uncirculated silver eagles. In 2009 and 2010, the coining of burnished eagles ended due to the Great Recession.

The 2006 Burnished Silver Eagle Design

The 2006 silver eagle depicts the Walking Liberty on the obverse of the coin. Adolph A. Weinman created the Walking Liberty Half Dollar, and it was first used on 50-cent pieces from 1916 to 1947. This beautiful artwork shows Liberty, with the American flag laid over her shoulder, walking towards the setting sun to represent the nation’s drive toward a better future.

The reverse showcases the American eagle reworked for the coin by U.S. Mint engraver, John Mercanti. The eagle, perched behind the national shield, is clutching the arrows of war in one talon while the other talon holds the olive branch of peace.

Details of the 2006 Burnished Silver Eagle

These .999 burnished pure silver eagle coins have a face value of $1, and weigh 1 Troy ounce. Their mintage was limited to 466,573. Each coin is 2.98 mm thick and 40.6 mm in diameter. These coins represent not only a monetary value—they reflect a part of American history.