1999-S Delaware State Quarter Choice Proof

1999-S Delaware State Quarter Choice Proof

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Buy 1999-S Clad Delaware State Quarter Proof Online

As the first coin of the series, 1999-S Delaware State Quarter is especially desirable for both novice and seasoned collectors aiming to complete the 50 State Quarters set. The proof condition of this coin ensures it stands out in any collection, with its superior craftsmanship and stunning appearance. Add Delaware State Quarter to your collection today!

1999-S Clad Delaware State Quarter For Sale

Proof Condition: This coin is in PRF (Proof) condition, meaning it was specially struck for collectors with a highly polished finish and sharp, detailed designs. Proof coins are known for their mirror-like surfaces and frosted details.

First State Quarter: As the very first coin released in the U.S. Mint's 50 State Quarters Program, the Delaware State Quarter holds a unique place in numismatic history.

Design: The obverse side features a portrait of George Washington, while the reverse showcases Caesar Rodney on horseback, symbolizing his heroic 80-mile ride to cast Delaware’s decisive vote for independence.

Mint Mark "S": The “S” mint mark indicates that this coin was struck at the San Francisco Mint, known for producing high-quality proof coins with exceptional detail.


Delaware State Quarter Value Factors

Inaugural Issue: The Delaware State Quarter was the inaugural issue in the popular 50 State Quarters Program, which started in 1999 and ended in 2008. This program significantly boosted interest in coin collecting across the United States.
Cultural Significance: Featuring Caesar Rodney's historic ride in 1776, this coin commemorates Delaware’s critical role in American history as the first state to ratify the Constitution.
Limited Mintage: Proof coins are produced in smaller quantities than regular circulation coins, adding to their rarity and potential for value appreciation.
High Collectible Value: Proof coins, especially from significant series like the 50 State Quarters, are highly prized by collectors.

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The 1999-S Clad Delaware Proof State Quarter is a piece of American history and a milestone in numismatics. Its proof condition ensures that you receive a coin with stunning visual appeal and pristine quality. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to own the very first proof coin from the beloved 50 State Quarters Program. Enhance your collection today with this exquisite and historically significant piece!