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1921-S Morgan Silver Dollar Brilliant Uncirculated - BU

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Product Description

The Morgan Silver Dollar series which was named after George T. Morgan, the man who designed the coin, became a part of reality in 1878 once the U.S. mints began producing millions of these coins. 1904 was when it would all seemingly come to an end, with production stopping indefinitely because the silver shortage in the U.S. had become too serious. Luckily for the numismatic community, the Pittman Act was passed in 1918, and this allowed our government to spend hundreds of millions of dollars to buy and melt silver down, and in turn, create more coins like the 1921 Morgan Silver Dollars. The last year of issue, the 1921-S Morgan Silver Dollar had a mintage of 21,695,000. We offer this coin online and over the phone (516-739-5822) in brilliant uncirculated condition for only $75! This is a fantastic price, especially when you consider the fact that this coin in MS65 condition is worth approximately $685!. Investors and collectors love Morgan Silver Dollars, especially the last year of issue, considering how special it is. Be sure to contact us today to get your hands on this beautiful piece of American history.

Product Specifications

Coin Type: Morgan Silver Dollar

FaceValue: $1USD

Composition: 90% silver; 10% copper

Date: 1921

Mint: San Francisco

Purity: 90%

Precious Metal Content: .7734 oz pure silver

1 Review