Roman Bronze Coin NGC - Desert Patina

Roman Bronze Coin NGC - Desert Patina

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This Roman coin has a unique finish that is a testament to its unique history! Ancient coins, especially copper pieces, develop patinas over their many centuries exposed to the elements. The Roman Empire was vast, stretching across continents and cultures. Different climates create different patinas, depending on the moisture content of the environment. Roman coins like these are found in dry, arid climates like the deserts of North Africa and the Middle East. They developed a special film known as a "desert patina". the desert sands the coins were buried in were compacted over the centuries, and merge with the coin to form a hard patina. This results in incredible contrast between the light sand in the fields of the coin, and the dark raised details showing through with a regular brown patina.

This desert patina effect creates a stunningly dramatic look to the bronze nummus, highlighting the intricacies of these ancient designs moreso than ones from wetter climates. These mixed ruler copper desert patina coins have been authenticated by NGC, and are slabbed with a Coins of the Romans label. Each coin also comes with a detailed story card. Add this ancient coin enhanced by nature to your collection today!


  • NGC Certified Authentic
  • Coins of the Romans label
  • Authentic Desert Patina
1 Review
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