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Roman AE of Constantius II (AD 317-361) NGC - The Gladiator Coin

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Product Description

When we think of Rome, we often think of the Gladiators. Crowds of people watched these professional fighters battle with frenzied animals, criminals or even each other. Emperors sponsored the gladiatorial games. This coin is from the reign of Constantius II. Constantius II was the son of Constantine the Great, and he had a great love for the warriors that fought in the Roman Colosseum!

Gladiatorial Combat is considered to be an iconic Roman past-time, and was used by the many rulers to appease the masses during times of hardship. This allowed the everyday citizens to alleviate their worries regarding issues such as crime, near-constant war, and food shortages. When it was Constantius II's turn to mint coins, he had his portrait put on the front and a gladiator about to slay his opponent on the reverse. This 1,700 year old Roman Coin is now known as "The Gladiator Coin"! Each coin is certified to be authentic by NGC and comes with a certificate of authenticity and story card. It also comes with a special Coins of the Romans label. Can you believe you can get an ancient coin this nice for so cheap?!

  • Over 1,700 years old
  • Constantius II
  • NGC Certified