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Ancient Coins of the Silk Road: 8 Coin Boxed Collection

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The Silk Road evokes imagery of riches, spices, exotic textiles, opium, and the expedition of intercontinental trade. However, The Silk Road is not a single road, but rather a network of routes extending from the Far East to Europe. This includes famous cities as Alexandria, Tyre, Samarkand, Herat, and Xanadu. The Silk Road truly revolutionized the economic and cultural trade between the East and West at the time.

It connected the great empires of China and Rome, through Persia, India, Arabia, North Africa, and Europe. This set contains eight bronze coins of the ancient Silk Road. The coins included are a Wu Zhu Cash Coin from the Western Han Dynasty, a Huo Quan Cash Coin from the Xin Dynasty, a Kakini Fraction from Nagas of Narwar, a Jital from Hindu Shahi, a Massa from the Chola Dynasty, a Stater from Ancient India, a Massa from the Kandy Kings, and a Fals from the Mamluk Dynasty. Add this set to your collection today, as a culmination of the cross-cultural exchange that the Silk Road let to.


  • 8 coin set
  • Stunning display box
  • Certificate of Authenticity
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