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AD 364-378 Bronze Roman Coin NGC - Valens (Military Ruler)

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Product Description
These 1,700 year old Bronze Roman Coins are dated to be from AD 364-378. Each coin is guaranteed authentic by NGC and has been preserved in exceptional quality. This coin offers a great way for individuals to start collecting ancient coins, as they are both exceptionally cheap and have a strong historical significance!
Flavius Valens was Emperor from 364 to 378. He was the younger brother of the emperor Valentinian I, who gave Valens the eastern half of the Roman Empire to rule. Before his reign, he had a largely unremarkable military career. History knows Valens as an important Emperor, as it was his defeat and death at the Battle of Adrianople that started the Fall of the Western Roman Empire. This piece of ancient history is holdered with a special Coins of the Romans label! Proudly add this museum-quality piece to your collection today for cheap!
  • NGC Certified Authentic
  • SO cheap
  • 1,700 years old