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336-323 B.C. Alexander The Great Silver Drachm NGC VF

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Alexander the Great is widely considered the greatest general of all time. At age twenty he emerged from a small kingdom in Macedonia to conquer a vast empire that stretched from the Adriatic Sea in the west to India in the East, and from Egypt in the south as far north as the Black Sea. This was an achievement as astonishing as it was improbable. Legend has it that when he beheld the breadth of his dominions, he wept, for there were no more worlds to conquer. 

This near 2,400 year old coin has likely traveled the world many times. One must wonder how this ancient silver drachm has been preserved in VF (Very Fine) condition after all those years. Each coin has been certified to be authentic and in VF condition by NGC, the leading third party authentication service of ancient coins. The obverse features Heracles, a Greek demigod, and the reverse depicts Zeus holding a bird. These coins are very rare, so to find high quality ones as these is not easy. We have only a handful in stock.

1 Review