2023 2£ 1 oz King Silver Royal Cypher CAC MS70 - Magnum Opus

2023 2£ 1 oz King Silver Royal Cypher CAC MS70 - Magnum Opus

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Buy 2023 1 oz King Silver Royal Cypher MS70 Online!


The 2023 1 oz King Silver Royal Cypher was produced in very limited quantities by the Royal Mint in commemoration of the coronation of King Charles III. Only 150,000 of these coins were minted and just a fraction of them have a perfect 70 grade. It is rare to find perfect 70 grades on these let alone from CAC. Order these special limited release King Charles III coins from Bullion Shark today!


The obverse of this coin depicts King Charles III wearing the St. Edwards Crown and the reverse features the intertwined initials of Charles III adorned with a regal crown above, the royal cypher of His Majesty The King. These coins are extremely pure, composed of .999 pure silver!  Additionally, the population of these CAC MS70 examples is only 58! (as of 5/22/24)This is the perfect coin to take your Royal Mint coin collection to the next level!


These Royal Cypher coins all have our special magnum opus label, a signature look exclusive to Bullion Shark! Each of these coins also have the first delivery designation, meaning this coin was received by CAC within the first month of the royal cypher’s release by the Royal Mint. With only 58 of these graded MS70 by CAC (as of 5/22/24) this is the ultimate collector coin for the coronation of King Charles III, and is highly coveted by collectors. Order yours today while they are still in stock!


Why Collect The 2023 1 oz King Silver Royal Cypher MS70?


  1. These coins are .999 fine silver!
  2. These are in perfect MS70 grade and were certified by CAC, one of the strictest grading services so they are the best of the best!
  3. This coin has first delivery designation and a special magnum opus label.
  4. Only 58 of these coins graded perfect MS70 by CAC exist!
  5. To begin with, these coins are very tough to get in a perfect 70 grade. 
  6. These are the ideal coins for a Royal Mint coin collection!


2023 2£ 1 oz King Silver Royal Cypher CAC MS70 - Magnum Opus Coin Details:


Mintage: 150,000

Composition: .999 fine silver

Mint: The Royal Mint

Weight: 1 oz

Grade: CAC MS70

Dimensions: 38.61mm

Denomination:  £2


Design and Value: This coin features the royal cypher, which is a monogram design representing the sovereign, alongside other symbols and imagery pertinent to the coronation of King Charles III. As a 1-ounce silver coin, it holds both numismatic and intrinsic value for collectors. 


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2023 2£ 1 oz King Silver Royal Cypher CAC MS70 - Magnum Opus FAQ

The 2023 2£ 1 oz King Silver Royal Cypher is a coin issued by the Royal Mint in the United Kingdom to commemorate the coronation of King Charles III. It features the royal cypher of the reigning monarch, struck in one ounce of .999 fine silver.

You can purchase the 2023 2£ 1 oz King Silver Royal Cypher MS70 from Bullion Shark! These coins are hard to find, but they may be available to purchase from other reputable coin dealers, online marketplaces, and directly from the Royal Mint's website.

The royal cypher is a monogram-like emblem representing the reigning monarch. It typically consists of the monarch's initials intertwined with a crown, symbolizing royal authority. It's commonly used on official documents, buildings, and currency.

"MS" stands for "Mint State," indicating that the coin has never been in circulation and is in the same condition as when it left the mint. "70" is the highest grade on the Sheldon numeric scale, signifying a perfect specimen without any visible imperfections under magnification.

The value of the coin can vary depending on factors such as its rarity, demand, and the current price of silver. Typically, collectors are willing to pay a premium for coins in pristine condition like the MS70 grade.

Only 150,000 of these special coins were minted, making them a very limited release.

The £2 coin was introduced in 1986 to commemorate the Commonwealth Games held in Scotland. In 1998 the first £2 coin was minted for circulation, and since then it has been issued in various designs to mark significant events, anniversaries, and themes in British history and culture.

To authenticate a coin, especially a graded one like the MS70, it's essential to verify its certification from a reputable grading authority. 

Yes, the 2023 2£ 1 oz King Silver Royal Cypher MS70 is legal tender in the United Kingdom with a face value of £2. However, its numismatic and collectible value far exceeds its nominal value, so it's typically not used in everyday transactions but rather collected or traded among numismatists and collectors.