1959-D Franklin Half Dollar Brilliant Uncirculated - BU

1959-D Franklin Half Dollar Brilliant Uncirculated - BU

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1959-D Franklin Half Dollar

Score this 1959-D Franklin half dollar to add to your collection, although this coin is not one of the Franklin half dollar key dates, it is still a nice addition to your set. Struck in 90% silver and 10% copper, this is a gleaming coin. It is in uncirculated condition, making it a stunning addition to your collection.

History of the 1959 Ben Franklin Half Dollar

The 1959-D Franklin half dollar features the head of Benjamin Franklin on the obverse and the Liberty Bell with a small eagle on the reverse. This engraving, which John R. Sinnock designed, was unique in that it was one of the only half dollar coins at the time to feature a non-president and a rare design that had only a small eagle on the back. This coin had one of the larger mintages of the Franklin half dollar, with 13,053,750 coins minted. The majority of the coins came from the Denver mint, which the D indicates on this particular coin.

The Franklin Half Dollar was originally commissioned for a 25-year run. However, it was only minted from 1948 to 1963, and it was replaced with the Kennedy half dollar in 1964 after the president's assassination. This makes it one of the shortest run coins in American history, and the short run is part of what makes it so popular among collectors.

1959-D Franklin half dollar Value

This version of the Franklin half dollar measures 30mm in diameter and weighs 12.5g. The reeded edge makes the coin distinctive. The coin has value in and of itself because of the high silver content, and that is tied directly to the current value of silver. However, this is one of the most prevalent Franklin half dollars, so circulated coins are not particularly valuable for collectors. Mint and uncirculated coins have a high value for those who appreciate historic coinage, because they are much rarer.

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