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You may make purchases, sell to, and order from Bullion Shark only in accordance with these Terms of Use. Upon placing an order to purchase or sell with Bullion Shark, You have entered into a binding and legally enforceable agreement. Prices and availability are subject to change, without notice. When placing an order on the Website, the price at which Your order is submitted is the guaranteed price. An “order number” will subsequently be forwarded to You via email. Your credit card information is required to guarantee all orders. In order to reserve Your guaranteed price, Your payment must be received by Bullion Shark within two (2) business days for bank wire orders. All check orders must be postmarked for delivery within two (2) business days. If a check payment is not received in its entirety within ten (7) calendar days of the original order, a $35.00 cancellation fee will be assessed to the credit or debit card used for initial down payment, in addition to any market losses between the order date and time of non-payment. A completed order is denoted by our receipt of funds by wire transfer or clearance of payment by check. In most cases, orders will be denied if payment is completed after the specified time frame. If we do choose to accept late payment, a $35 late payment fee will be applied. If any order is in error, due to Bullion Shark’s fault or otherwise, we reserve the right to cancel the order. When selling to Bullion Shark the price is guaranteed. As a general policy, the transaction may not be cancelled but may be offset at Bullion Shark’s current purchase price. Sales to Bullion Shark must be shipped within one (1) business day and You must contact Bullion Shark via email at or telephone at 516-739-5822 to provide a tracking number so that we can confirm that the product is en route. All products must be received by Bullion Shark within five (5) business days, else the customer will be charged any Market Losses as well as a $35 cancellation fee. If Bullion Shark does not receive the product within five (5) business days but the delay is attributable to the carrier, Bullion Shark may extend the deadline, in its sole and absolute discretion. Without limiting any other legal or equitable rights and remedies that may be available to Bullion Shark, in the event of any failure by You to comply with these Terms of Use, Bullion Shark may suspend or terminate Your account. The suspension or the termination of Your account shall not affect Your obligations as set forth in these Terms of Use. Additional terms, including, without limitation, prices, payment methods, refund and cancellation policies, and exchange policies may be posted from time to time on the Website. We reserve the right, but undertake no obligation, to actively report and prosecute actual and suspected credit card fraud. We may, in our discretion, require further authorization from You such as a telephone confirmation of Your order and other information. We reserve the right to cancel, delay, refuse to ship, or recall from the shipper any order if fraud is suspected. We capture certain information during the order process, including, without limitation, information that will be used to locate and identify individuals committing fraud. If any Website order is suspected to be fraudulent, we reserve the right, but undertake no obligation, to submit all records, with or without a subpoena, to all law enforcement agencies and to the credit card company for fraud investigation. We reserve the right to cooperate with authorities to prosecute offenders to the fullest extent of the law.