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$20 Saint Gaudens Double Eagle

The Saint Gaudens Double Eagle is one of the most sought after coins minted in the United States. The Saint Gaudens is made of 90% gold and 10% copper. The coin's obverse design consisted of a full-bodied liberty strutting above the sunrise, she held a torch and olive branch. On the reverse is an eagle soaring through the sky. This coin was minted starting in 1907 and until 1933.

Saint Gaudens Double Eagle Values    

Some of the key date Saint Gaudens Double Eagles are the 1907 ultra high relief pattern, 1913-S, 1915, 1930-S, and of course the 1933. Since all Saint Gaudens almost have an ounce of melt gold in them, they are all over $2,000 plus a coin. However, certain key date coins can be worth millions, such as the 1933 Saint Gaudens Double Eagle.

Where to get Saint Gaudens Double Eagles  

You can get your own Saint Gaudens Double Eagle from Bullion Shark, either online or over the phone. If over the phone you can reach us at 516-739-5822.


$20 Saint Gaudens Double Eagle