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$10 Gold Indians

The Indian Head $10 gold coin was designed by Augustus Saint Gaudens, Its Design consisted of a left-facing Liberty wearing a Nartive American headdress, the bottom of the headdress read “Liberty”, the reverse of the coin depicted an eagle perched upon a cliff side. The $10 Gold Indian was loved upon release and is still loved today.

Indian Head $10 Gold Coin Value

High quality Indian Head $10 Gold Coins are hard to come by. Some of the rarest of the Indian Head $10 gold coins are the 1907, 1908-S, 1911-S, 1920-S $10 Gold Indian, and the 1933 $10 Gold Indian. These coins in uncirculated condition will cost over $1,000 for common date coins and can be worth upwards of hundreds of thousands of dollars for key date coins.

Where to get $10 Gold Indians

You can get $10 Gold Indians at Bullion Shark! You can purchase these coins online or on the phone. We carry PCGS certified and NGC certified coins as well as ungraded. 

$10 Gold Indians