2010 $50 American Gold Eagle

2010 $50 American Gold Eagle

The 2010 $50 American Gold Eagle had a total mintage of just over 1.1 million coins struck at the Philadelphia Mint. This uncirculated, regular strike coin didn’t feature a mint mark, and the Philadelphia Mint was known for its excellent craftsmanship. The 2010 1 oz American Gold Eagle can be found in perfect condition and will command a premium in that highest grade. 


History of the 2010 $50 American Gold Eagle

The 2010 American Gold Eagle 1 oz coin is a beautiful coin that can be found well-struck with attractive surfaces. The American Gold Eagle is the official gold bullion coin of the United States. The obverse of the American Gold Eagle was designed by Augustus Saint Gaudens, a rendition of the full-length Lady Liberty with her hair flowing and a long dress. She holds a torch in her right hand and an olive branch in her left. There is a small image of the Capitol building in the background. The reverse of the coin was designed by sculptor, Miley Busiek. It features a male American Bald Eagle clutching an olive branch, flying over a nest with a female eagle and her eaglet.


2010 $50 American Gold Eagle Value

The 2010 $50 American Gold Eagle value reaches upwards of $7,300 for the highest grades of the coin. It’s possible to find this coin at much lower prices by seeking out sellers who offer value and looking for lower Mint State coins. The 2010 1 oz American Gold Eagle would make a valuable addition to any Gold Eagle series collection. 


Type of coin: $50 Coin

Year: 2010 $50 American Gold Eagle

American Gold Eagle Mint Mark: Philadelphia

Total mintage: 1,125,000

Metal content: 91.67% Gold, 3% Silver, 5.33% Copper

Face value: Fifty Dollars

Weight: 33.93 grams

Edge: Reeded

Designer: Augustus Saint Gaudens/Miley Busiek

Diameter: 32.70 millimeters