1928 Indian Head Gold Coin

1928 Indian Head Gold Coin

The 1928 Indian Head Gold Coin had a total mintage of 416,000 coins struck at the Philadelphia Mint. This was a slightly higher mintage than the previous year, but in grades above Mint State 64, it is slightly more elusive than the 1926 or 1927 Indian Head Gold Coin. Examples higher than MS65 are considered scarce, if not rare, and the highest quality examples are considered extremely rare. 


History of the 1928 Indian Head Gold Coin

The 1928 Indian Head Gold Coin is a beautiful coin in the higher Mint State grades. It usually has a very good luster and frosty surfaces as well as a sharp strike. Cherrypicking is advised as some of these coins have striking anomalies on the borders and center of the coins on certain coins. The coloring of most of the coins is a light to medium gold with a greenish hue. That being said, it is possible to find beautiful specimens with an attractive rose gold color. Bela Lyon Pratt designed the Quarter and Half Eagle and it features a Native American in headdress on the obverse and the standing bald eagle on the reverse. 


1928 Indian Head Quarter Eagle Value

The 1928 Indian Head Quarter Eagle value reaches upwards of around $15,000 for the highest grades of the coin which typically reach about Mint State 66. This coin can be found in more affordable prices in lower Mint State grades making it more accessible for collectors of all types. The 1928 Indian Head Gold Coin is an affordable and attractive coin that is worth the effort to find with great overall eye appeal. 


Type of coin: Quarter Eagle

Year: 1928 $2.5 Indian Head Gold Coin

$2.5 Indian Head Gold Coin Mint Mark: Philadelphia

Total mintage: 416,000

Metal content: 90% Gold, 10% Copper

Face value: 2.5 Dollars

Weight: 4.18 grams

Edge: Reeded

Designer: Bela Lyon Pratt

Diameter: 18.00 millimeters