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1911-D Indian Head Gold Coin

1911-D Indian Head Gold Coin

The 1911-D Indian Head Gold Coin had a total mintage of only 55,600 coins struck at the Denver Mint. This was the first in the series that was struck at the Denver Mint and showcases the “D” mint mark on the reverse of the coin next to the bundle of arrows. This coin is possible to find in lower Mint State grades, but in anything higher than MS63, it is extremely difficult to locate. 


History of the 1911-D Indian Head Gold Coin

The 1911-D Indian Head Gold Coin is a very unique coin within the series. It’s highly sought after and commands top dollar for the highest grades, and it is often counterfeited. The actual 1911-D usually has a weaker mint mark and there’s always a partial wire rim on the obverse. This is one of the rarest coins in the series, has the lowest mintage, and is one of the most famous key dates in the 20th century. This coin can be found in circulated and Mint State and commands a premium in both. There are two varieties of this coin, one with a strong mint mark and one with a weaker one, so consulting an expert and working with trusted sources is important to avoid a fake. 


1911-D Indian Head Quarter Eagle Value

The 1911-D Indian Head Quarter Eagle value reaches upwards of $184,000 for the highest grades of the coin. This is an incredible amount just for a single coin and showcases how much value this issue date and location carries. It appears to max out around Mint State 66, and anything higher would command even higher prices, especially as the price of gold rises. 


Type of coin: Quarter Eagle

Year: 1911-D $2.5 Indian Head Gold Coin

$2.5 Indian Head Gold Coin Mint Mark: Denver

Total mintage: 55,600

Metal content: 90% Gold, 10% Copper

Face value: 2.5 Dollars

Weight: 4.18 grams

Edge: Reeded

Designer: Bela Lyon Pratt

Diameter: 18.00 millimeters