1903-S Morgan Silver Dollar

1903-S Morgan Silver Dollar

The 1903-S Morgan Silver Dollar had just over 1.2 million total mintage at the San Francisco Mint. The 1903-S Morgan Dollar is much more scarce than some of the other dates and can be difficult to find, especially in higher grades. Many hoard coins were released over the earlier decades in the 1900s, and were stored at the San Francisco Mint in the meantime. By the 1950s, it is believed that many of the 1903-S Morgan Dollars were paid out from government storage, and by the time the major release happened in 1962 to 1964, the 1903-S Morgan Silver Dollar wasn’t represented at all. 


History of the 1903-S Morgan Silver Dollar

The 1903-S Morgan Silver Dollar is a popular coin. Due to the demand and the low mintage and availability of this Morgan Dollar, it can be hard to come by any on the market. When you do come across one, the price will most likely reflect the difficulty of acquiring this special coin. The 1903-S Morgan Silver Dollar is a very attractive coin that is usually well-struck and very lustrous. The Morgan Dollar was designed by George T. Morgan with Lady Liberty and 13 stars on the reverse and an American bald eagle on the obverse. 


1903-S Morgan Silver Dollar Value

The 1903-S Morgan Silver Dollar value ranges to upwards of just below a hundred thousand dollars. When looking for your ideal 1903-S Morgan Dollar, it’s important to authenticate the coin as some have been known to try and add an S mint mark to a 1903 Philadelphia minted coin. The 1903-S is an attractive coin to add to the Morgan Dollar series and is one of the rarest in the entire series in Mint State. 


Type of coin: Silver Dollar

Year: 1903-S Morgan Silver Dollar

Morgan Silver Dollar Mint Mark: San Francisco

Total mintage: 1,241,000

Metal content: 90% Silver, 10% Copper

Face value: One dollar

Weight: 27.20 grams

Edge: Reeded

Designer: George T. Morgan

Diameter: 38.10 millimeters