1900-O Morgan Silver Dollar

1900-O Morgan Silver Dollar

The 1900-O Morgan Silver Dollar had a high mintage of over 12 million from the New Orleans Mint. Like many of the other coins that were struck during this time, they weren’t needed and were kept in storage instead. Many of these coins ended up in circulation, being melted down, and being stored at the Treasury Building in Washington D.C. and in a vault at the Philadelphia Mint. 


History of the 1900-O Morgan Silver Dollar

The 1900-O Morgan Silver Dollar has always been mostly plentiful and easy to find in both worn grades and Mint State. The New Orleans Mint is known for producing less-than-stellar craftsmanship and these coins are no different. Many of the 1900-O Morgan Dollar coins have a weak strike at various points on the coin. It is possible to find a sharply struck and lustrous coin though, so cherrypicking is highly advised with this one. Finding these more attractive coins will take a bit of effort and searching to find just the right one. 


1900-O Morgan Silver Dollar Value

The 1900-O Morgan Silver Dollar value ranges from under a hundred dollars to upwards of $10,000. This coin doesn’t command a high price tag, most likely due to the abundance of the 1900-O Morgan Dollar in circulated grades and Mint State. It is believed that millions of these coins were melted down under various acts and private melts, but the ones that are left are still plentiful and require a keen eye to find one that is well-struck and lustrous. 


Type of coin: Silver Dollar

Year: 1900-O Morgan Silver Dollar

Morgan Silver Dollar Mint Mark: New Orleans

Total mintage: 12,590,000

Metal content: 90% Silver, 10% Copper

Face value: One dollar

Weight: 27.20 grams

Edge: Reeded

Designer: George T. Morgan

Diameter: 38.10 millimeters