1885-CC Morgan Silver Dollar

1885-CC Morgan Silver Dollar 

The 1885-CC Morgan Silver Dollar was minted at the Carson City Mint with only 228,000 total mintage. In 1885, the Carson City Mint closed to coinage for a time where only 200,000 were minted, and then operations began again in August of that year to produce the final 28,000. This break in mintage left some confused about whether this second set was an 1886-CC Morgan Dollar, but, in reality, it wasn’t. 


History of the 1885-CC Morgan Dollar

It is believed that very few of the 1885-CC Morgan Silver Dollar moved into circulation for a time after they were struck. It can be difficult to find any circulated 1885-CC Morgan Dollars and they are often considered rare, and potentially more rare than all of the circulated Morgan Dollars in the entire city. Uncirculated 1885-CC Morgan Dollars were considered rare until some came on the market in the 1930s. Following that date, more bags were released in 1941 and 1942. In 1955, more bags came on the market and were more common for a time. 


1885-CC Morgan Silver Dollar Value

The 1885-CC Morgan Silver Dollar value has been somewhat erratic over the years, and it is believed that this coin is one of the most expensive coins in the entire Morgan Dollar series. There has always been a strong demand for the 1885-CC Morgan Silver Dollar, and the prices reflect that demand. Carson City minted coins are more popular among collectors, possibly because of the low mintage that came from the Mint. 

Type of coin: Silver Dollar

Year: 1885-CC Morgan Silver Dollar 

Morgan Silver Dollar Mint Mark: Carson City

Total mintage:228,000

Metal content: 90% Silver, 10% Copper

Face value: One dollar

Weight: 26.73 grams

Edge: Reeded

Designer: George T. Morgan

Diameter: 38.10 millimeters