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Venezuela P88(U) 2 Bolivares (Lot of 10)

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Product Description

A relic of a stable Venezuela, this banknote is a fascinating collectible and warning about the dangers of hyperinflation. In 2015, you could walk to a cafe and buy a cup of coffee with this 2 Bolivares note. Only 6 years later in 2021, you would need 220 billion pounds of these notes in order to buy the same coffee! That is one million tractor trailers to take all the money to the cafe. Clearly, a denomination this small is no longer used! Banknotes are an excellent way to add to a collection, since they take up little space! So, add this set of 10 2 Bolivares banknotes to your collection!


  • Set of 10
  • Relic of hyperinflation
  • 2 Bolivares note
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