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Pontius Pilate: Bronze Coin Box

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Product Description

Pontius Pilate was a Roman prefect from 26 to 36 C.E. He issued a small number of bronze prutah coins during a three year period. You may know him as the ruler presiding at the trial of Jesus Christ and sentencing him to die by crucifixion in the Bible!

Pontius Pilate's bronze prutahs of Judaea were minted in years 29-31 C.E. in Jerusalem at the  where Jesus spent his last days. The later type of prutah shows a Roman lituus, the curved wooden staff held upward by augurs, religious men that invoked the gods and made predictions. The reverse side shows a wreath, a symbol of power and victory from ancient Greek and Roman culture. All bronze coins in the region were crudely minted, so most surviving coins of this era are odd shaped and show only partial inscriptions. The wear and tear on them helps tell the story of how it has survived for two millennia. Add this incredible piece of biblical history to your collection today!


  • Over 2,000 years old
  • Comes with a wooden display box
  • Circulated during Jesus' final days