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Ivan the Terrible Russian Denga NGC Certified w/ Story Card

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Product Description

Ivan IV "The Terrible" ruled Russia from 1547-1584, first as the last grand prince of Moscow and then as Russia's first Tsar. The death of his wife in 1564 drove him to madness, and his cruel approach to ruling his nation easily earned him the title of "The Terrible". He created the world's first secret state police called the "Oprichnina", which was no doubt the inspiration for future dictators' strongarm forces like the Gestapo and KGB.

Denga are a uniquely crude kind of money made from tiny pieces of wire. Small bits of wire were struck on planchets to create coins, however they were very small and irregular, many not even showing the full design. This denga has the tsar's name and titles on one side, and a cutoff image of St. George slaying a dragon on the other. This coin has survived many centuries, which is a feat considering its crude minting with inferior materials. Certified genuine by NGC, this coin is a fascinating reminder of a tumultuous period in Russia's history. 


  • Certificate of authenticity and Story Card
  • NGC Genuine
  • Imperial Russian denga wire money