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Alexander the Great Tetradrachm (VG-VF)

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The tetradrachm was the standard denomination and was minted far more than any other Alexander denomination. These coins were minted in Macedonia and Thrace as well as from the huge stock of bullion that Alexander the Great captured from the Persians in one of his many conquests. The obverse features a portrait of Herakles, mythological hero and founder of Macedonia. The reverse depicts Zeus, a bird resting on his outstretched arm. These nearly pure silver coins have incredible detail and quality considering their ancient age, having been minted from 325-323 B.C.E.!

The bronze coins under Alexander's reign were commonly used in local marketplaces, but the silver tetradrachms were international, imperial coins that were used in official transactions to pay soldiers, and as tribute to keep Celtic invaders at bay. We acquired a nice deal of these from a hoard found in Europe! Add this incredibly hard-to-find in this great of a condition silver coin to your collection today!

*You will receive (1) coin per order.*


  • Over 2,300 years old!
  • Impeccable condition
  • Nearly pure SILVER
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