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2nd Century Kings of Elam Drachm NGC Certified - Book of Genesis

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Product Description
Elam is one of the ancient lands mentioned in the Book of Genesis, best known in one of the most famous stories in the bible: the Great Flood. In the story, God is angry at the wickedness of the human beings he has created. He decides to raise a Great Flood to wash them off the face of the Earth. Only Noah and his family take refuge in the Ark are spared. The famed Jewish historian Josephus Claims That the five sons of Noah were the progenitors of the nations, respectively Elam, Assyria, Chaldea, Lydia and Syria. Elam, one of the sons of Shem established his nation in what is today southern Iran. 
This amazing ancient coin comes with a detailed Certificate of Authenticity from NGC. This coin is almost 2,000 years old, which is incredible! Add this to your collection today!
  • NGC Certified
  • 2nd Century coin
2 Reviews
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