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2023 Silver Eagle NGCX MS10 Early Releases

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Expected ship date is Jan 27th 2023

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Product Description

Behold, a new era of modern coin grading! Starting in 2023, NGC is creating an entirely new system of grading to make coin collecting more accessible to newbies and casual hobbyists. Traditionally, NGC adheres to the Sheldon Scale which grades coins up to a value of 70. Now, alongside traditional grading, NGCX brings the 10-point grading scale that has been used for grading things such as trading cards and comic books to numismatics! 

This 2023 Silver Eagle is a PERFECT 10 on the NGCX scale, which means it is completely flawless up to 5x magnification, just like an MS70! This scale is easier to understand for people new to coin collecting, as the numerical values are more clear. It also has the Early Releases pedigree, so it will be sent to NGC for grading within the first 30 days of release. The potential for coin collecting as a hobby has expanded to new heights, so add this brand new revolutionary sysem to your collection today!


  • NEW 10-point grading system
  • Perfect grade
  • Early Releases