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2019 £5 Isle of Man First King of Mann 3 oz Antique Silver Coin

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Product Description

The coin, struck with Smartminting technology in the shape of an ornamented Celtic Cross, shows Manannán mac Lir “son of the sea” kneeling in knight’s armor clutching a shield and his sword Fragarach “the retaliator”. The polished Fragarach is adorned with the characteristic three-legged Manx triscelion.

Manannán derived his name from the Isle of Man and is said to be the first king and defender of the island. He is a vital part of Manx, Irish and Scottish mythology and folklore. Aside from his famous sword, Manannán is said to have possessed a cloak of invisibility and the Wave Sweeper, a ship able to cross the seas without sails.

This outstanding numismatic tribute to Manannán measures 55 mm in diameter, features an antique finish and nominal value of 5 £. Only 999 pieces will be struck of this Isle of Man issue. As a self-governing Crown dependency, Queen Elizabeth II is the head of state holding the title “Lord of Mann”.

This coin comes in the original box with a certificate of authenticity.