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20 Different Ruler Bronze Roman Coin Collection NGC Certified

MSRP: $750.00
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Product Description
We have worked long and hard to put these collections together. We are offering a NGC box filled with (20) Ancient Bronze Roman Coins certified by NGC Ancients. Each coin nearly 2,000 old and still has great detail considering its age! We went one step further and are able to offer you (20) different Roman Rulers housed in a brand-new NGC storage case. You will receive no repeats! We are offering these at just $29.95 per coin. That's only a touch over a penny per year if you do the math!! No one needs to know you only paid $29.95 for these. They probably wouldn't believe you anyways...
Rulers You Will Receive
  1. Constantine I (The Great)
  2. Crispus
  3. Licinius I
  4. Constantine II (Junior)
  5. Constans
  6. Constantius II
  7. Constantius Gallus
  8. Julian II
  9. Diocletian
  10. Gratian
  11. Maximian
  12. Theodosius I
  13. Valens
  14. Valentinian I
  15. Aurelian
  16. Cladius II
  17. Gallenius
  18. Probus
  19. Salonia
  20. Tetricus II