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20 Coins from 20 Centuries Box: A Retrospective Collection

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Product Description

This is an exquisite collection of 20 silver and bronze coins, one from each century of the first 2,000 years of the Common Era, representing the diverse cultures and ancient civilizations from around the world. The history of coins can be traced back to its beginning in the 7th century B.C. when the first coins were made in Lydia and Ionia, now western Turkey, from a naturally occurring alloy of gold and silver. These may have just been lumps of stamped metal, but they changed the way civilizations interacted. These coins were critical in the advancement of civilization through trade. 

These come packaged in a stunning box with a Certificate of Authenticity and an engraved coin list. Add this complete collection of historical relics to your collection today!

The coin types and grade may vary somewhat from image but will likely contain:

1st Indo- Scythian Azes II Bronze Drachm

2nd India Western Satraps Silver Dramma 3rd Elymais Bronze

4th Roman Constantine I Bronze Commem.

5th Kidarites Red Huns Bronze

6th Maitrakas of Valabhi Silver

Dramma 7th Byzantine Bronze 40 Nummi

8th China T'ang Bronze Cash

9th Indo-Sassanian Silver Gadhiya

Paisa 10th India Chola Bronze Massa

11th Ghaznavid Silver Dirham

Fraction 12th Ceylon Kandy Kings

Bronze Massa 13th Qarlughids

Bronze Jitals

14th India Sultans of Delhi Billon

15th China Ming Bronze Cash

16th Hungary Silver Denar

17th Safavid Silver Abbasi Fraction

18th Dutch East India Co. Copper Duit

19th Cambodia Bronze 1/2 Fuang

20th Russia Czar Colonial Silver 50 Pennia