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2 Peso Gold Coin BU - Mixed Years

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Product Description

Gold prices have been surging due to recent happenings. We are seeing gold near $1,800 per oz! Don't forget that the last time the Federal Government pumped this type of money into the system, gold and silver saw all time highs! 2 Peso Gold Coins contain 1/20th oz of pure gold and are one of the most popular gold coins due to their affordability. Believe it or not, these 2 Peso Gold Coins were struck at the oldest mint in North America, the Mexican Mint in Mexico City. The mint opened its doors in 1535 for the production of coins. The obverse of the coin features the national coat of arms of Mexico at the time and the reverse shows the denomination, date and a wreath. Now seems to be a better time than ever to get involved in gold, with these affordable and low premium pieces. 

**Minimum order is two coins

Product Specifications

Mint: Mexican Mint

Weight: 1/20th oz

Metal: Gold

Date: Mixed Dates