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1998 Roosevelt Dime NGC - Major Off Center from Great American Error Hoard

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Product Description
This is a deal you won't want to miss! Everyone dreams of having a super rare error coin in their collection! However, they are often hundreds or thousands of dollars. But wait-we have secured (19) 1998 Roosevelt Dimes that have been certified as "Major Off Center" errors! An off-center error is produced when the coin is not struck in the center of the planchet, but off to the side, resulting in an oddly-shaped coin with the blank planchet showing!
Each of these have been certified by NGC and are from the "Great American Error Hoard"! Can you believe how cheap these are? You won't get another chance like this!
  • From the Great American Error Hoard
  • MAJOR off-center error!
  • Certified authentic by NGC 
1 Review