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1919 Buffalo Nickel

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The 1919 Buffalo Nickel had a mintage of 60,868,000 coins and was minted at the Philadelphia mint. The coin was originally designed by mint engraver James Earl Fraser. The obverse of the coin featured a right facing Native American which was inspired by a combination of different Native American tribes. The reverse of the coin featured a standing bison. The bison modeled after a bison named "Black Diamond" whose home was the Central Park Zoo in New York City. Later the Buffalo Nickel design would be used to make a 2001 silver buffalo coin and then the 2006 Gold Buffalo Coin. 

The buffalo nickel value can vary drastically depending on the mint mark, year, and condition of the coin. The 1919 buffalo nickel is no exception. A nice circulated 1919 buffalo nickel can range anywhere from $5 to upwards of $40. A uncirculated specimen can start at around $60 and be worth upwards of hundreds of dollars. of course, the buffalo nickel value can be substantially more if it is PCGS certified or NGC certified, as collectors are willing to pay more knowing the coin has been authenticated and assigned a proper grade. 

The buffalo nickel series started with the 1913 Buffalo Nickel and ended with the 1938 Buffalo Nickel. Each coin was composed of 75% copper and 25% nickel, weighed 5 grams, and had a diameter of 21mm. Each buffalo nickel featured a plain edge and the design stayed the same over the years, except for a few minor variations.